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L2 Vermilion - 20x - High Five - 10 July 2020

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L2 Vermilion - H5 - 20x - Opened 10th July



The server went LIVE on July 10th.

We're keeping the server as close as possible to retail as possible while maintaining things interesting enough to avoid drawing people of server because of boredom reasons.

Server is designed to handle many players, for those interested here are some details: AMD EPYC with 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM and dual 1TB nVME SSDs, guaranteed bandwidth 1Gbps. Server is located in Western Europe.

No custom stats items (except for the vote reward that everybody gets). 

Balanced donations - can't donate for actual weapons/armors or even enchant scrolls -- most donations are cosmetic

You can find all the info on our website.
Here or some of the rates/features:
•    20x XP/SP 
•    10x Adena/Drop/Spoil, 
•    Enchant Rate - Normal 55% , Blessed 65%, Safe + 4, Max +16.
•    GM Shop with items up to low S grade
•    1-hour buffs from the scheme Buffer integrated in the Community Board (which can be used outside towns, when not in fight)
•    We intend it to be a crafting server. Masterwork items are enabled.
•    Fully fledged Community Board system with everything you need inside
•    AIO item and “.aioitem” command for quick access to extra sutff
•    Fully automated custom events
•    Custom commands include like “.ccp” (character control panel - trade refusal, block XP, stop animations, etc.)
•    “Dress me” system with “.dressme” command (this can be used to change appearance of armors and weapons, for only yourself or everyone to see, your choice)
•    Achievement system (rewards when you level up or reach some milestones like becoming Nobless, join a high-level clan, kill an epic boss for the first time, etc.)
•    Drop Calculator database - integrated in Community Board.
•    NPC information with “shift+click”

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    • By Thanos
      L2Delta - Lineage 2 Interlude.
      Grand Openning July 8 2020
      Experience (EXP) - 45x
      Skill Points (SP) - 45x
      Adena - 45x
      Drop Items - 5x
      Quest Experience (EXP) - 5x
      Quest Skill Points (SP) - 5x
      Quest Adena - 5x
      Quest Items Drop - 5x
      Spoil - 5x
      Weight Limit - 5x
      Manor - 5x
      Extract Fish - 5x
      Safe Enchant + 3
      Max Enchant + 16
      Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3
      Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 1 hours
      Maximum Buffs Slots - 24
      Maximum Slots Dances and Songs - 12
      Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10%
      Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90%
      Anti-Bot System (Gameguard)
      Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes
      Sub-Class Quest - Yes
      Sub-Class Maximum Level - 80
      Master Class - Yes
      Offline mode Shop - Yes
      Auto Learn Skills - Yes
      Auto Learn Loot - Yes
      Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not
      Champions System - Yes
      Wedding System - Yes
      Blessed Scroll chance Retail and not crystallizes
      Olympiads Max Enchant +16
      Start: 18:00 End: 00:00
      Hero awards every 15 days
      Normal Scroll chance - Retail


      TvT every 2 hours
      Special events with staff on weekends


      Farm System: Ketra Orc Outpost ( drop Gold Einhassad) and Chaotic Zone.
      NPCs - NPCs The weapons, armor and accessories not are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment.
      Raid & Grand Boss: All raid and Grand game Bosses have drops not modified status. The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level. The Drops may include: Ancient Adena, equipment, Mystra's Spellbook, Giant's Codex, and Ancient divine Enchants, Boss Boss Weapons and Jewels.
      You do not need to go to the Quest Grand Boss, you can teleport directly by (Global Gk)
      All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, is equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.
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      Topic [L2J] L2Mutiny H5 - Rates X15 - BETA ON OPENING August 05 2020!
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      SERVER START DATE: August 28 2020
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      With the reservation that we can’t list or reveal every single thing right here and right now, we advise you reading carefully our specs.

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      OPEN BETA TEST DATE: August 05 2020
      SERVER START DATE: August 28 2020
    • By Jader Vinicius
      Boa noite, criei um servidor de lineage 2 interlude, porém não passa da tela de confirmar o servidor.
      Dentre as soluções encontradas na internet já realizei os seguinte procedimentos
      - Liberei todas as portas 2106; 3306; 7777; 9014 tanto no firewall quanto no modem 
      - Reinstalei o cliente Interlude
      - Mudei a system varias vezes
      - Coloquei o ip do meu computador
      - Troquei a REV 
      - Revisei o L2.ini
      Porém nada funcionou, alguém poderia me ajudar, tanto o loguin server quanto o game server estão ligados 

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      Boa noite, uso w10 tenho cliente h5, ao tentar criar um personagem, meu jogo fecha. Alguém pode me ajudar ?
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