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L2Epic x10 Interlude

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Lineage 2 Epic is an International mid-rate interlude server runing [JAVA FILES),
has been carefully developed and tested for your ultimate gaming experience. With more that four
years of developing experience and much more yers as players , Lineage 2 Epic team guarantees you a smooth gameplay,lag-less and bug-free

Grand Opening: 29.07.2020!



All new characters on Epic [x10] server will receive premium account  for 7 days !!!



etc_exp_point_i00.png.007cf8fefc9c96ed668b25a7f3577738.png  Exp/Sp: 10x

etc_adena_i00.png.bfa29231ff1838101a154f1e505ed241.png Adena: 7x

XuzP3l7.png.879c8e41dd1ccb33e74bce9007b9bd86.png Drop (items): 5x

skill0348.png.fd09cb42faac75812a2c60a6c43f0eed.png Spoil: 3x Chance 1x Amount 5x

etc_wind_rune_i00.png.0bc959f06a38813983d94d3f73cf018d.png Seal Stones: 3x

etc_recipe_yellow_i00.png.9480f48648c729ca1146ce938f4af338.png Recipes (drop/spoil): 2x

etc_branch_gold_i00.png.46bb0fdf7be5798da429612c7b72fd29.png Keymats (Drop/Spoil): 2x

etc_magic_sp_herb_i00.png.42fb221d5c9f2cae383e1842f1404e73.png Herbs: 2x

etc_reaper_i00.png.819fd8e33f93af3765da047b3c4a916d.png Manor: 2x



sfnPVJj.jpg.c760f3e9ca264171afc539636cb8995a.jpg Safe Enchant: +3

aeOOM0X.jpg.257a265996f858954930c73f92e69333.jpgMax Enchant: +16

123.png.10c0c998611060b79474b7f9e051ffde.png Normal Scroll:  55%

etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_b_i03.png.b5c3bb498d2c999e418647e48cb3e96f.pngBlessed Scroll: 66%



ccc.png.409a642e7c0eaf12de2462d845ab869d.pngMana Drug - (Craft potions ,15 seconds Cooldown)

skill0208.png.6639793522631bb675efecb2cf77e9aa.pngAuto Learn Skills - (Divine Inspiration not included)

etc_add_buffslot_i00.png.282c3c71602a6ffb1c16250b974cecce.png Buff Slots - (20+4, +4 extra if you are a member of a lvl 5.+ clan)

skill1085.png.2b82f891510e88a3358bad8371150685.png Buff Duration - (Buffs 59 min , Dance/Songs/Resist 19 min , Prophecy/Queen/Seraphim 4 min)

weapon_art_of_battle_axe_i00.png.39553cdff92ea776ae5f6b0a4542f859.png B-Grade Weapon/Armor - (in Giran Luxury Shop for cry c/b)

etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i00.png.1980052ec15a6d7198ec34d2ebe6ab7b.png Required Clan Level  - (to bid for a Clan Hall is 5)

etc_ancient_adena_i00.png.1395acbc25e2b1757039dc2975f08a1d.pngRetail Seven Signs  - (Registration opens 1th of August, first Mammons  9th of August)

etc_mineral_rare_i02.png.722e55eca36dc74c828e43d281ea503b.pngStackable Items - (Spellbooks, Book of Giants, Lifestones, Enchant Scrolls)

accessary_earing_of_protection_i00.png.ed2a8da3fa5837f9100897f74a3b0044.png1st Class Transfer Quest  - (500.000 Adena or 20 Epic Apiga)

etc_jewel_green_i00.png.a35b08a4f174fed391391dc5811eb54e.png 2nd Class Transfer Quest - (1.000.000 Adena or 25 Epic Apiga)

humanoid.png.b0c61308308f15cd2f4735a7642dad44.png3rd Class Transfer Quest - (Retail Quest or 80 Epic Apiga)

ge.jpg.13b8d79c4b82d1dd27b9bf8ff5c588d8.jpg Geodata and Pathnodes - (Retail)

K3WrkUQ.jpg.cd99e809d7428d7f8f59101c89a63549.jpgMultibox - (3 game windows per HWID)

75jMtye.jpg.0a98ca8e618a17de5ad42fb66f1596ae.jpgOffline Stores - (Lv 25 Required)

skill0332.png.13aac53a8e22cce19282d26a926998e0.pngShift + Click - (Droplist on Monsters)

coin.png.7fa8786fa9bab1ca946905a9c4a8517c.pngVoting System - (Vote Reward System with a 12h Voting Token as reward and one ) vote.png Voting Treasure

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It is not allowed to post the link (site) direct from the server, post the link by top l2jbr.
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