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L2 Tournament H5 PVP

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    • By Destarion
      DESTARION - New Fantasy World - Lineage 2 High Five «Summer» Craft-PvP x50.
      » Grand Opening: June 6, 2020 at 16:00 GMT +1. «
      Lf you were looking for a quality server High Five, on which you can really have a good time and stay for a long time, then you to us!
      At us you on advantage estimate service and quality of work of all resources of the project!

      Our team is interested in absolutely every player who, of course, does not violate the rules of the project. We are happy to provide our players with a truly high-quality product, accompanying it all with a decent advertising budget, which will bring together great online! And also the advanced system of support of players where everyone can address on any question and receive the answer satisfying it!

      We are happy to provide you, the first and unique game world of its kind «Summer» Craft-PvP x50!
      • WEB SITE:
      - Destarion

      • BASIC:
      - Server Chronicles: High Five.
      - Platform: Java.
      - Server: Craft-PvP - Easy start, without difficult character leveling.

      - High and stable online!
      - The strongest clans and const party!
      - PvP battles 24/7 and hot Olympiad!
      - Constant server support by advertising!
      - Long-term work without wipe! 
      - Stable operation of all project resources!
      - Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!

      - Server Rates: Exp: x50, SP: x50, Adena: x50, Drop: x25, Spoil: x25, Quest Reward: x10, Quest Items: x10, Quest Drop: x10, Epaulettes: x25, Fame: x10, Raid Boss: x10.
      - All prices are indexed according to our rates.
      - All characters appear in the starting location Town of Dion.
      - Unique Community Board (Alt+B) - Here you can find absolutely everything.
      - Daily steep promotions and contests.
      - In all places where characters appear, there are all necessary NPC.
      - Automatic learning of all skills.
      - All characters have been added a small starting capital.
      - There are commands to turn off the experience, block the buff, reject the chat.
      - The slots in the inventory are increased.
      - Unique Buffer, GM-Shop and Classmaster.
      - Unique system for changing the appearance of the armor / character.
      - Increased Chance Craft Master Work on 5%.
      - Special store for Amber (PC Cafe points) at Alt+B.
      - The island of Hellbound is open and has 11 level.
      - Unique ACP-service.
      - Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with awards.
      - The Mana Potion restores MP like HP recovery cans.
      - Qualitative support for players.

      Do not list everything in order to see everything with your own eyes, just go into the game and plunge into the fairy world of our project. (And these are not just words, in the game you will encounter many trifles that will simplify the game for you).

      • More information of the server: https://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=stats&u=destarion
    • By MoR
      Ola boa tarde, alguem poderia me informar quais tipos de revi de lineage 2 h5 existem e quais as diferenças entre elas? e quais são mais seguras?
      Desde ja agradeço!!!
    • By AikoN~
      Para rir... 😄 Qual a sua crônica preferida no Lineage 2? Conte-nos 😄
    • By tgsboy
      I have created a code to reward for voting on several well-known sites.
      If someone has difficulty adding this code to their package, they can write to me at my discord  https://discord.com/invite/VbnZbWR I will adapt for some popular open source package.
      I've included sites like l2jbrasil, hopzone, topzone and others, I would like to hear suggestions about the distributions that are most used in this great community so that I can adapt and share them.

      You can see the code in the following link: 
      aCis: https://pastebin.com/1Wq6GZPs
      L2JServer  H5: https://pastebin.com/KVyPAZ0X
      L2JFrozen 1.5 Interlude https://pastebin.com/GaAyMMT2
      I am currently adapting the code for some l2jmobius distributions.
    • By SrDan
      Eu mudo o acesslevel no navicat, porém quando entro no l2 o meu char está normal. Alguém saberia como arrumar esse problema?

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