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[L2J] L2IT - Interlude x1 - 22.10.2019

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Chronicles of the server: Interlude x1.
Opening 22.10.2019 20:00 (GMT +3)

Direction - LowRate + PvP
Chronicles - Interlude NEW+
Platform - Java
Rates - x1

Server Rate:
• EXP: x0.7
• SP: x0.7
• Adena: x1
• Drop: x1
• Spoil: x1
• Seal Stone: x1
• Raid Boss: x4
• Epic RB Drop: x1
• Quest: x1
• Quest Reward - x1
• Manor: x0.5

Game Features:
• When creating the first character on the account, he receives a PA for 4 hours
• It is allowed to use BOT programs and RMT (selling game values for real money)
• Coin of Luck can be obtained by game, in the form of a Bonus
• No Shadow Weapon and Coupons
• The sale price of all things 0 Adena
• Stop EXP / SP via .menu
• Removed SA crystals from Luxor, you can buy level 7-8 CA crystals from a mammon in Giran for Adena.
• S Grade recipes are harder to get
• RB and Epic RB reinforced
• Cursed Bones price 225 Adena
• Items can be sold - 6/7
• Items you can buy - 7/8
• Group monsters Exp / Sp with guard 0
• Chests are scattered in different zones (on Dino Island 81.84 level, around Dion 21.24 level, near Ketra / Varca villages, chests 75.78 level, etc.)
• On Dino Island you can get debuff Capture A State - lowers Speed / Atk.Speed -20%, duration 30 seconds
• Each new character receives 1000 Adena, 5 SoE, 5 SoR, 10 LHP, 10 Spirit Ore
• Hats with stats and colors +5 -0 are available for sale from Grand Olympiad Manager for Noblesse Gate Pass
• The minimum number of participants to participate in the seven biscuits festival is 9
• All buffers can attack all kinds of monsters with the Disrupt Undead, Might of Heaven, Turn Undead skills (chance flew 5-14%)
• Reworked the skills of Frenzy, Guts, Zealot, Rage (something lowered, and something improved)
• The chance of cloning monsters in FoG - 90%
• Prices for the purchase of functions in KH, Castles, Forts increased - x10
• Maximum number of characters on one account - 3
• Up to 10 items drop out from a PC with a 20-90% chance, the karma limit is 1.000.000
• Increased prices for the purchase of KX
• Sieges every week (Saturdays)
• Learning skills for books, SP and Adena
• To participate in castle sieges, a clan must be level 8
• To buy KH, the clan must be level 7
• Dualsword Craft Stamp can only be bought for Adena from Mammon in Giran
• Added 100% Adena scrolls in GM Shop
• Strengthened guards in cities
• Pets are reinforced, now they can help the master in pumping not bad
• Implemented Festive Sweeper, appears at level 28 for gnomes (mass spoil selection)
• Full info on stats / drop / spoil / resist on Shift + Click
• Convenient and multi-functional GM Shop for Adena and Coin of Luck, Mammon is also available with all its functions
• Convenient Buffer with buffs for 8 hours (Buffs standard KX + Malaria / Flu 3 levels for 60 minutes)
• Free TP up to level 40
• Available for Buff 24 + 4 slots
• Weight limit increased by 3 times.
• For items available 120/150 cells in inventory
• For items available 160/180 cells in stock
• To all Tyrannosaurus strongly intensified MaxHP
• High-quality geodata and geo-platform, which will add more comfort to the game
• /Unstuck command usage time - 120 seconds
• Offline bargaining, craft. The .offline team. Trading time 48 hours. Cost 1.000 Adena
• Invulnerability after teleportation (also invulnerability is canceled during caste / attack / movement / use of items) - 5 seconds
• It is forbidden to use heal skills on Raid bosses and Epic bosses
• Removed Divine Inspiration books from the drop (added to Mammon in Giran for Adena), S Grade weapons / armor / jewelry
• Resists from db and svs - self buff
• Dance / Songs / PoF ... increased - 20 min
• Summon Buff - 10-12 minutes
• Window restrictions - 2 windows from one PC (with PA - 4 windows)
• Noblesse Blessing - Adds + 8% P.Deff / M.Deff / P.Atk / M.Atk and +20 Speed
• Global chat from level 20
• Herb of Life, Herb of Mana chance of falling 1%, Greater Herb of Life, Greater Herb of Mana chance of falling 0.5%, Superior Herb of Life, Superior Herb of Mana chance of falling 0.1%
• Christmas trees for Adena - once in 30 seconds they restore all hp and mp, life time is 5 minutes
• The minimum number of group members to enter The Four Sepulcher is 4
• The minimum number of group members to enter Dimensional Rift is 4
• The minimum number of groups to enter Frintezz is 3
• The maximum number of clans in the alliance is 5
• The minimum character level required to create a clan is 40
• The maximum number of added subclasses is 6
• The leader receives 100,000,000 Adena for capturing and holding any of the clans of the clan
• Added exchange of Adena to Ancient Adena and Seal Stone to Ancient Adena in the game store (not profitable)
• Newbie Guide gives Exp / Sp extra for completing certain quests like on Gracia


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It is not allowed to post the link (site) direct from the server, post the link by top l2jbr.

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