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Iordanov Interface Version 3.6.10 New Modifications

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Hello, Guys Today i will share with the community my latest interface version the reason is im working on new one with h5 features into it with more bot things into it and etc so i will share this version with the community use it at your own risk if there is any problems i will not fix anything thats why im saying use it at your own risk since you get my files u can do what ever u want with them selling them will not offer you any money but people will dissapointed but i will not say the reason i've added copyrights remove them by ur own some of them u cannot remove because client closes and something last you cannot edit interface.u for many reasons Thanks


What is new on this version?


Two map versions

party images

auto assist 1st Main assister 2nd auto assister

and much more.. which i wont explain since you can figure it out alone ?


Modifications Options Key / Abnormal for self / Abnormal for party


Quick Preview..






 Added Icons near XP Bar fixed auto Augment / Auto Enchant added checks (?) which means when u was auto enchanting items for some reason inventory was buging and pushing you to enchant more while enchant was maximum fixed this too



a quick video preview





Download: http://rgho.st/6FMyGVh2k


NOTE: Reselling my files will result you Money Dispute from the Buyers Reason? i will not say it but u can try good luck have a nice summer.



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2 horas atrás, l2darkcid disse:

so queria saber como tira esse anuncio verde do Iordanov que aparece a cada 2 minutos... :/

o resto da suave ^^

vou ver o que posso fazer..

Lineage 2 Lords

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Olá, seu tópico se encontra com um ou mais links offline. Caso ainda possua o conteúdo, favor postar aqui mesmo no tópico ou mandar MP para algum staff que estaremos normalizando o tópico.


Grato pela atenção!

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