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Found 3 results

  1. FEATURES OF ATHENA Core Information Platform: Fused Java with PTS(OFF) Scripts. Chronicles: Scions of Destiny(C4). Location: Europe GMT+2. Server Rates Experience x45. Skill Points x60. Adena Drop x200. Item Drop x5. Item Spoil x25. In-Game NPCs 1. SA Merchant (Xayd) - This NPC provides you 2 types of equipment to which you can upgrade your unsealed S Grade equipment. 2. Misc Shop (Sorcha) - It contains many various(useful) items which helps you in-game. 3. Weapon Shop (Slydon) - Here weapons are available from C to A grade and all of them are without SA status. Which means you will need to insert SA by your own with Ancient Adena. 3.1. Armor Shop (Brenur) - Here armor is available from C to S grade and A-S Grade armor is sealed. Which means you will need to unseal it by your own with Ancient Adena. 4. Rune Exchange (Natasha) - Here you can exchange your Seal Runes for Ancient Adena. 5. Blacksmith Valdor - Located at Goddard Castle Town. You can insert/remove SA status on your C / B Grade weapon. 5.1. Blacksmith Vulcan - Located at Forge of the Gods - Lower Level. You can insert/remove SA status on your A / S weapon. 6. Eternal Gatekeeper (Minerva) - I guess there is no need for an explanation. 7. NPC Buffer (Lily) - It contains only Prophet buffs for newbies. In future you will need to purchase a enhanced buffs from AIO players. Leveling Areas From 1 to 45 you can level-up at regular zones such as - Gludio, Dion, Cruma Tower. Dragon Valley Cave - Level 45 - 70 Abandoned Coal Mines - 60 - 70 (Recommended) Mithril Mines - 70 -78 (Perfect Choice) Imperial Tomb - 75-78 (Good) Forge of the Gods - 78 (Good) All leveling areas has specific amount of Seal Stones, Adena drops. This helps you to have a certain amount of Ancient Adena / Adena which brings you a possibility to gear up your character at all important levels. Subclass & Noblesse quests is shortened - walk-through guide will be available soon. Combat Areas These areas are located within the Forge of Gods and Imperial Tomb. The ports to them are on the C4 gatekeeper and are labeled (Chaotic). Once you port into these areas and move into the combat zones you will get a symbol on your screen that looks much like a vial filled with red liquid. It will state that you are inside a danger zone. This symbol will be changed at a later date but right now that is what it will remain. What to expect in the Combat Zones Drops including weapons, adena, and runes will be significantly higher. Experience given per monster is also significantly higher. Experience lost per death is much lower then the normal leveling areas. Casting ae spells and debuffs will flag you as it is a open pvp zone. Should you die in the combat zone while flagged you will not drop any items. All S grade weapons drop in the Forge of the Gods combat zone. This includes forgotten blades and demon splinters. Imperial Tomb drops are primarily runes. They are much higher then any other experience area in game. The port for Forge of the Gods (Chaotic) has changed to make it where people have a chance to get into the zone before being debuffed. The whole combat zone for Imperial Tomb was moved as well as the port. The combat zone now lies within the four sepulchers where the port in was originally. If you go down each hall you will notice that the first door is open and mobs are within. One of the rooms has a chance of dropping S grade weapons and adena while the others drop runes and adena. The experience and drop rate is still much higher then the regular leveling areas. Events Last Man Standing Monthly event where all classes battle out against each other in Anthara’s Lair. The last player alive receives a special item. Rules: Anything goes. Battle of The Classes Weekly event that pits each class against each other. Daggers versus daggers, mages versus mages, archers vs archers, tanks vs tanks, and damage dealers vs damage dealers. The winner of each class get a SA weapon of their choice. Rules: Anything goes. Hero’s Challenge Monthly event, sort of like the battle of the classes. The winner of the event will receive the Hero’s weapon of their class. Each month the winner must battle out to retain the Hero title for their class. Rules: Anything goes. Korean Style Event that pits classes and parties against each other. Rules: No buffs and No potions. Nine vs Nine Nine versus nine party battle. Rules: Anything goes. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What client do I need to be able to play on Athena? - A C4 client is used on our servers. Can a GM summon a raid boss for me? (ex Baium) - No. If I loose my password can I get it back? - Yes, there is a Control Panel for that. Someone traded me and scammed me, can I get my item back? - You need to be careful when trading with other players, we do NOT support player to player trades. Can I get free weapons/Ancient Adena/Adena from a GM? - Absolutely not. I got Windows 10 and can not run C4, what do I do? - Go into the download section and download our latest patch. I get a critical error when I start Lineage, why? - Usually it because of your obscene-dat file, it is located in your system folder. Just remove it and it should be fine. A GM ask for my password, what do I do? - A GM would NEVER ask for your password. Giving your password to someone else is on your own risk. I donated for a AIO on Athena, can I transfer it to another account? - No, you can not. I want a S grade armor with SA, where do I get Blood of Chaos? - You spoil them in Mithril Mines, by any mob. The drop rate is low so be patient. Where can I get S grade weapons and/or Ancient Adena? - S grade weapons are dropped in Forge of Gods and Imperial Tomb Chaotic. On higher levels the best AA drops are found in Mithril Mines. Where do I get Ancient weapons? - There are 3 Raid bosses in Mithril mines, the pit, heart and in the water below the heart. Those raid bosses drop Ancient weapons and S grade weapons. Do I need to do the whole subclass/noblesse quest? - No, go to Ivory Tower Underground floor and you will find most of the NPCs there. JOIN US Discord Server: ETERNAL SIN DISCORD Facebook Page: ETERNAL SIN COMMUNITY
  2. L2 Renegades - High Five Long Term PvP Server - No custom items - XP/SP: 400x - Adena: 100x - Quest: 1x - Spoil: 1x - Weight Limit: 100x - Elemental Stone: 60% - Elemental Crystal: 50% - Safe: +4 - Max blessed enchant 60%: +8 - Max divine enchant 44%: +12 - Epic Jewels: Grand Boss only - GM Shop: D-Grade at Vorpal - Elegia items: grand boss only - Moirai/Vesper found: Olympiad Tokens only - Auto Learn skills - Olympiad: 15 days - Special rewards for tokens - Buff time: 2 hours - Siege/TW: 15 days - Divine Enchant: Boss Drop - Fame - PvP Shop - Olympiad Token - Dressme system https://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=stats&u=l2renegades Beta: em breve. Abertura: em breve.
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