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  1. http://www.4shared.com/document/kJ0t_U9kba/l2jhellas.html my latest database backup it got my account too but its test account :P ok mate add me on skype nikos.nikonikos1
  2. hahaha :P ok i undestand :) thanks :) i hope that you will help :) to improve it more :) what?write it in your language and i will translate it because i did not understand :P
  3. Also you need to update your mysql https://app.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/subversion/commits/509 and here is the full timeline to check for updates. https://app.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/stream
  4. man wtf is going on with you. i have clean l2jhellas and i did many reworks on it. i delete many unnecessary customs-libs by the way :) dont talk for something years ago. talk for now. first test then talk. if you want to speak about l2jhellas or something at least speak english otherwise i will reply to you in greek.asd
  5. i am cleaning the most shits. i am trying to make a stable project for live servers. not a pack with many custom shits. :)
  6. pack base is L2jarchid. but l2jhellas have been reworked. guys if you want to ask something for the pack speak english. i am from greece :P
  7. thanks guys :) added compiled pack http://www.4shared.com/rar/mDEkKKWKce/L2JHellas515.html revision 515
  8. (if i post it in wrong section a moderator move it in the right section) also i am the author of the project and is not private.l2jHellas is free source interlude project! if you see something wrong with this post,send me a message to fix it or a modarator edit my post. thanks for your time :) Links: Forum: http://l2jhellas.info/( forum L2jhellas interlude project) Svn: https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/l2hellas/trunk/ Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/subversion/commits/list Compiled Pack: http://www.4shared.com/rar/k3GtzXyXce/L2JHellas.html (Rev 518) Team: AbsolutePower old l2jhellas team they are welcome and they know it! :) Goals: Our goal is to provide a stable and free Interlude pack with many custom configs so you can choose from a big variety (what to enable and what not).I will provide a sample of the features in the next segment of the topic. Features: Events CTF Event Raidboss Event Death Match Event Hitman Event TvT Event VIP Event Chaos Event Peloponnesian War Capture Them Treasure Chests Castle Wars Protect The Leader Custom Configs And Mods PvP/PK Color System Custom Voice Commands Advanced PM System Vote System PvP Rank System Advanced Community Board Automatation Configs Siege Reward Engine Various Flood Protectors Npc Crest Anti Bot System Note: This is just a small sample of what l2jhellas can provide!! How can i help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well.That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack. Thanks for your time please be nice keep the topic clean!
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