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  1. if (itemId == 1467 || itemId == 1468 || itemId == 1469) { return false; } you can do it this way but its not very good but it doesnt matter because interlude is bad
  2. MrRees

    Apella Set (196)

    Armorgrp https://pastebin.com/jQcq9gup Itemname https://pastebin.com/PgwvB0Vh Setitem grp https://pastebin.com/L7uviLxj
  3. man check l2jmobius for compiled
  4. http://puu.sh/CKqtU/f38052c273.rar file edits do not work with these files, and im not sure if this is right section can buy if they need to be custom made- (must show me you know how to make it otherwise im just going to assume you are selling a share need ddfs for classic (protocol 152 7s): SkillName_Classic-eu ElementalSpiritStat_Classic ElementalSpirit_Classic CombinationItemData_Classic CharGrp RaidData_Classic-eu and also this one http://puu.sh/CKtsj/ffd6237bed.dat If i can only pick 2, only CombinationItemData_Classic and RaidData_Classic-eu
  5. lol.......... wasted too much time for you people
  6. Credits (Systextures and Animations) -> I do not know who they are old l2 perseus (aka mine)
  7. i dont think it has that 3 nickname protection especially in the one i uploaded and support option is not included in commercial version
  8. what protection and support settings
  9. http://puu.sh/xw3Qg/f7fd2dcd64.ini
  10. move the utx's to systextures if you replaced l2 ini
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/file/bled9rzxneat9fh/SystemBrazil.rar based on clean system and all textures are already included add back the changes you made to your system (grps, messages etc)
  12. upload your system and send it to me
  13. thats literally impossible i will live stream it if you dont believe me http://puu.sh/xvESI/47da335969.utx this is the only change, put it in systexture https://www.twitch.tv/hahawocao
  14. http://puu.sh/xv7Zc/03e2eeb205.dll http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb36gnr40s1f29c/Brazil+Classic+Interface+02.rar if my fix doesnt work how do you explain this lol (on for 6+ hours)
  15. ok then idk i dont really wanna upload my full system but it works fine for me i showed you how to fix it so i guess its up to you now especially since everybody's system is different if you want to upload yours for me i can take a look at it
  16. it has something to do with your guy's nwindow dll i think try it with mine http://puu.sh/xv7Zc/03e2eeb205.dll
  17. you can try and fix it yourself this way, i have no problems with it as you can see in the system message when i got that warning about staying too long 3 times and triggers every 2 hours private static final int TAKE_BREAK_HOURS = 2; // each 2h private static final int TAKE_BREAK_GAME_MINUTES = TAKE_BREAK_HOURS * MINUTES_PER_DAY / HOURS_PER_GAME_DAY; // 2h of real time is 720 game minutes ------------------------------ use hex edit to change requestExit to requestTest with hex edit using the nwindow i uploaded i changed native function RequestTest( String param ); to native function RequestTest();
  18. add the new one http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb36gnr40s1f29c/Brazil+Classic+Interface+02.rar all goes in system
  19. my bad, missed something http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb36gnr40s1f29c/Brazil+Classic+Interface+02.rar NOW this works (at least for me........) changes = defined function requestTest in nwindow without string param and it literally does nothing (4 hours on and no error) l2jbrasil.u goes in system, its a texture but im too lazy to make it utx
  20. thats weird, but then again i uploaded the one i freshly edited this one has some of my changes on it but so far its been working for me http://puu.sh/xtQX9/8f016028cd.rar
  21. i didnt edit anything outside of what i said above and the watermark so i think it was just broken to begin with
  22. yes, however it doesnt address the problem that a lot of the script is still obfuscated therefore devs cant rebuild it (until the genius grundor finds a way or something LOL) but my share works on local so far and i havent been kicked for over an hour (good for players or simple admins)
  23. ez solution = change RequestExit to RequestTest with hex edit (no problems for me at the moment)\ thank me later http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1yuaxwa597g4af/Brazil+Classic+Interface.rar please test it out thanks (no you dont get my purple UI)
  24. dang im good where are you getting this from? only thing i found with onTimer has to do with exscreenshowmessage (the onscreen message) ----------------------- ok nvm found it by changing requestExit to requestExix from hex Failed to find function RequestExix in ShortcutWnd Transient.ShortcutWnd0 function OnTimer (int TimerID) { local string Š† ; local string ‡‰ ‰“Œ…‘; local string ; local string „ˆ“ ; local string Ž‰‹‚; Ž‰‹‚ = ’Š(1); Š† = ’Š(1); ‡‰ ‰“Œ…‘ = ’Š(1); = UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112(UnknownFunction112("",‚(19)),""),’Š(8)),""),’Š(25)),""),’Š(3)),""),’Š(11)),""),’Š(15)),""),’Š(3)),""),‚(26)),""),’Š(9)),""),’Š(25)),""),’Š(12)),""),’Š(5)),""),’Š(3)),""),’Š(4)),""),’Š(37)),""),’Š(8)),""),’Š(25)),""),’Š(8)),""); GetINIString(Š† ,‡‰ ‰“Œ…‘, „ˆ“ , ); i cant read this but im assuming that it checks for a certain ini property every 20 min to see if you have it based on the fact that it uses GetINIString(Š†.....) and if you dont it sends requestExit (shortcutWnd line 509)
  25. http://www.mediafire.com/file/38pgtiyc1ezcaxk/Unpacked+Scripts.rar updated scripts link
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