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  1. gostei mano muito bonita as ultimas roupas :aplausos: :laugh: :biggrin: :feliz: so faltou o SQL :onda:
  2. aki ta nao http://www.4shared.com/get/oRsy1vrd/aiox.html
  3. para coloca outro intes so ir nesse nome aki >> Custom items ao criar novo character ele fica aonde no serve ou em outro progama ?
  4. tipo tem la enchata max +10 essa coisa assim emo to serve quero coloca ele pr enchata ate +35 com bles e outro enchates do servidor
  5. esse serve bless + quanto outro bless + quanto e doneiton ate + quanto ?
  6. alguem sabe me fala se tem pr baixa tt temporary outro set temporay tem se nao tiver tem como alguem fazer um pr mim ?
  7. interlude1

    Duvida aqui.

    vai em config depois frozen se nao tiver ai procura no mesmo lugar config vai acha ai #============================================================# # Frozen # #============================================================# # Allow GMs to drop/trade non-tradeable and quest(drop only) items # Default: False GMTradeRestrictedItems = False # Allow GMs to restart/exit while is fighting stance # Default: False GMRestartFighting = True # Show Welcome PM on start # Modificado com cor "hero chat" PMWelcomeShow = True PMServerName = Welcome to Lineage II aki tambem <<<<<<<= PMText1 = [GM] ou aki <<<<<<<<<<= PMText2 = Access website: www.yourserver.com meu e aki <<<<<<<<<<<<<<= # Show Server Time to player on start ShowServerTimeonstart = True # New players get fireworks the first time they log in # Default: False NewPlayerEffect = False
  8. so vc deixa o npc q ta enchante skill com mas coisa pr compra ela
  9. interlude1

    (Resolvido) Error

    pode ser aki wo # Enter here (ip) address of your game server, or use the symbol * GameserverHostname = aki ou GameserverPort = 7777 # Configure your external ip ExternalHostname = * aki ou # Configure your internal ip InternalHostname = aki ou # Bunch ID and game server. It is better not to change. LoginPort = 9014 LoginHost = # Database Pool Type # Possible Values: c3p0 or BoneCP # c3p0: more stable # BoneCP: more performance DatabasePoolType = c3p0 # Parameters Databases - MYSQL Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/ # Database name GameserverDB = l2jdb aki ou LoginserverDB = l2jdb aki ou # Login - Mysql's user Login = root # Password - Mysql's Password Password = ou aki tem q dar assim nao como assim root se nao nao longa # Attention: lazy init connections disabled! # Please, set only real values for your database # Default: 100 MaximumDbConnections = 50 # Default: 0 MaximumDbIdleTime = 0 # The timeout before a new connection to the database (in ms) # 0 - to remove restrictions TimeOutConDb = 0 # The timeout before the single connection must be closed (in ms) # if a connection life is more then this timeout, a Runtime Exception # is rised up. Post the exception on forum (www.l2jfrozen.com) to solve # it. SingleConnectionTimeOutDb = 200000 # Sets number of partitions to use.- BoneCP # In order to reduce lock contention and thus improve performance, # each incoming connection request picks off a connection from a pool that has thread-affinity, # i.e. pool[threadId % partition_count]. The higher this number, the better your performance will be for the case # when you have plenty of short-lived threads. Beyond a certain threshold, maintenance of these pools will start # to have a negative effect on performance (and only for the case when connections on a partition start running out). PartitionCount = 3 # Setting emulation off the kernel (package SendStatus) RemoteWhoLog = True RemoteWhoSendTrash = True RemoteWhoMaxOnline = 329 RemoteOnlineIncrement = 50 RemoteWhoForceInc = 50 RemotePrivStoreFactor = 12 # Datapack folder # To exacute the server under debugger with eclipse use: # DatapackRoot = ../L2jFrozen_DataPack # or point the folder directly to your server. DatapackRoot = .
  10. ela nao pega por isso l2jdot, so coloca pr L2JFrozen ou baixa um q e L2JFrozen ai pega
  11. interlude1

    Como editar

    tipo isso e uma tatto <list> <item id='9901' name="Tattoo Mega - Fighter"> aki e do jeito q ta agora vou baixa os status dela <for> <add val="300" order="0x40" stat='pDef'/> <add val="37" order="0x40" stat="runSpd" /> <add val="2658" order="0x40" stat='pAtk'/> <add val="294" order="0x40" stat='pAtkSpd'/> <add val="300" order="0x40" stat='mDef'/> </for> </item> <list> <item id='9901' name="Tattoo Mega - Fighter"> <for> <add val="200" order="0x40" stat='pDef'/> <add val="37" order="0x40" stat="runSpd" /> <add val="2000" order="0x40" stat='pAtk'/> <add val="200" order="0x40" stat='pAtkSpd'/> <add val="200" order="0x40" stat='mDef'/> </for> </item>
  12. nao quero fazer o npc quero os intes do serve q estao na fotos
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