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  1. Sp: x7 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 Adena: x5 3 Account Per PC Buff Slots: 22+4 Offline Stores Auctioner 3rd Class: Quest Retail or 15KK Ancient Adena Seven Signs Retail Olys Retail Dwarf Enchant Bonus: 5% at level 80 Enchant Safe: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Chance: 55% Blessed Chance: 60% (if fail stay +4) Cystal Max Enchant: +12 Crystal Chance: 100% ANT QUEEN: 19-23Hrs CORE: 32-38Hrs ORFEN: 26-31Hrs ZAKEN: 42-48Hrs BAIUM: 120-128Hrs ANTHARAS: 192-194Hrs VALAKAS: 230-248Hrs FRINTEZZA: 44-48Hrs
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