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  1. Lineage 2 Epic is an International mid-rate interlude server runing [JAVA FILES), has been carefully developed and tested for your ultimate gaming experience. With more that four years of developing experience and much more yers as players , Lineage 2 Epic team guarantees you a smooth gameplay,lag-less and bug-free Grand Opening: 29.07.2020! All new characters on Epic [x10] server will receive premium account for 7 days !!! Rates: Exp/Sp: 10x Adena: 7x Drop (items): 5x Spoil: 3x Chance 1x Amount 5x Seal Stones: 3x Recipes (drop/spoil): 2x Keymats (Drop/Spoil): 2x Herbs: 2x Manor: 2x Enchant: Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll: 55% Blessed Scroll: 66% Features: Mana Drug - (Craft potions ,15 seconds Cooldown) Auto Learn Skills - (Divine Inspiration not included) Buff Slots - (20+4, +4 extra if you are a member of a lvl 5.+ clan) Buff Duration - (Buffs 59 min , Dance/Songs/Resist 19 min , Prophecy/Queen/Seraphim 4 min) B-Grade Weapon/Armor - (in Giran Luxury Shop for cry c/b) Required Clan Level - (to bid for a Clan Hall is 5) Retail Seven Signs - (Registration opens 1th of August, first Mammons 9th of August) Stackable Items - (Spellbooks, Book of Giants, Lifestones, Enchant Scrolls) 1st Class Transfer Quest - (500.000 Adena or 20 Epic Apiga) 2nd Class Transfer Quest - (1.000.000 Adena or 25 Epic Apiga) 3rd Class Transfer Quest - (Retail Quest or 80 Epic Apiga) Geodata and Pathnodes - (Retail) Multibox - (3 game windows per HWID) Offline Stores - (Lv 25 Required) Shift + Click - (Droplist on Monsters) Voting System - (Vote Reward System with a 12h Voting Token as reward and one ) Voting Treasure
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