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  1. New Remastered x10 Classic - Secret of Empire server ?Grand Opening -> 1st of November 2019 ➡ ?First 100% anti bot server ( constant bot hunters that will punish all bot users ) ?Expecting over 5000 real online players We promise a long-term server ( minimum 1 year uptime ) with constant updates and development! We are expecting over 5000 real online players! Features: EXP/SP 10X ADENA 10x DROP 2X SPOIL 2X RB drop - 2x Safe enchant +3 enchant chance - 55% Max enchant +16 enchant improved chance - 55% Free class transfer, GM shop up to C grade, Global GK Maximum Clients per computer: 2 Raids retail respawn time pvp zone ( if you hit raids you get flagged ) Auto Loot for items from monsters & and manual pickup for raid bosses Olympiad Period every 1 week, new heroes every Sunday ( Olympiad Starts 14th of November ) Olympiad matches take places from Thursday to Saturday, 3 days a week Sieges every Sunday ( First Sieges on 10th of November ) Manual Learn skills ( you can buy books from gm shop for 2nd class ) 2 hour buffs free buffs from ALT+B Auto events every one hour ( Korean Style, Last Survivor and Team Vs Team ) 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots Olympiad max enchant : no limit
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