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  1. Hello. Please for your response since you are administrators and support. There is an issue which needs to be solved.
  2. This is what i get: Also, i am asking you for help with my server (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/grand-elmore/vote/), not your test.
  3. Please use the English language 🙂
  4. Hello, Unfortunately, server's admins said they cannot do anything, it is up to L2jbrasil's administrators to fix my IP Problem. About the test IP URL you provided, i am able to access it. Please check the screenshot below, as well as https://www.lineage2.cz/en/grand-elmore/vote/ view after my vote. Any possible solution? I lost the rewards for 2 weeks. I would like to mention that on my 1st ever vote on the server, it was successful.
  5. Upon voting on lineage2.cz (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/grand-elmore/vote/) , it always says that session timeout and never get the relevant reward. Please check my ip ( if it is blocked for some reason in your system.
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