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  1. Crappyuser

    Hwid Limit

    Is there any way to limit hwid logins in c4?
  2. Crappyuser

    Gracia Final

    im aware of l2 off, i was searching for an l2j one, i should mention
  3. Crappyuser

    Gracia Final

    Is there any recent project free/paid that is emulating gracia final?
  4. Lineage II Noble Interlude PvP Server Grand Opening is taking place on May 08, 18:00 GMT+2 Rates Exp: 1000x SP: 1000x Adena: 1000x Party Exp: 2x Party SP: 2x Drop/Quest 1-10x Enchant Safe: +4 Max Weapons: +15 Max Armors/Jewels: +12 Crystal Max Weapons: +20 Crystal Max Armors/Jewels: +15 Normal Rate: 77% Blessed Rate: 88% Crystal Rate: 100% General Buff time: 2 Hours Buff slots: 36+4 Auto Learn Skills Start level 80 Subclass start level 80 Easy Farm Offline Trade System Auction System Weekly Olympiad/Sieges Events TvT Event 2v2 Tournament 4v4 Tournament 9v9 Tournemant TvT Event is taking place every 2 hours TvT Reward is 1 Vote/Event Coin Per Team winner Tournament is taking place every day at 15:00 and 01:00 CEST(1 hour before & 1 hour after olympiad) and registrations last for 2 hours 2v2 Reward is 1 Vote/Event Coin, 4v4 Reward is 3 Vote/Event Coins, 9v9 Reward is 5 Vote/Event Coins Commands .menu .online .deposit .withdraw .jointvt .leavetvt .tvtstatus .repair Grand Bosses Respawn time 24 hours Same Droplist as Custom Bosses + Epic Jewels ofc Respawn timers in npc "El Gringo" next to giran GK Aq/Zaken Level 80 Boss Jewels can be gained from vote coins too Nerfed Valakas/Antharas/Baium Buffed Aq/Zaken/Orfen/Core (Level 80 with proper stats ofc) Custom Bosses Respawn 6 hours Respawn timers in npc "El Gringo" next to giran GK High Chance to drop Blessed Scrolls for both Armor and Weapon High Chance to drop Bogs/Top grade LS Decent Chance to drop Crystal Scrolls Barakiel Respawn: 3 Hours Barakiel gives you ONLY Noblesse status, although it's listed in Gatekeeper Teleports included in Gatekeeper Clan Bosses 6 Hours respawn time Respawn timers are also included in "El Gringo" 100% Chance of dropping 1 random egg 100% Chance of dropping 1 Clan Item(Can be used by a clan leader to get reputation score) Teleports included in gatekeeper Vote Rewards We offer vote reward for 7 particular votesites. Visit npc "Kaaya" in giran to claim your rewards Vote Coins can be gained every 12 hours for each site Events like TvT/2v2/4v4/9v9 give you extra vote/event coins Visit a GM Shop to claim these rewards under "Vote/Event" list You can buy Blessed/Crystal Scrolls, Bogs, Top LS, RB Jewels and much more stuff
  5. Hello guys, don't know if i'm allowed to speak English but let me know. Nevermind, i have translated this ACP in english, working pretty fine for acis still(2020). The only problem is the paypal donate system. I donate 5 euros for example using a sandbox account and no credits appear in my account. If someone helps me deal with this problem i'm gonna share the english version completed.
  6. And your answer is a website with a dead link?
  7. Is there any way to disable pagseguro and make website load only with paypal configs?
  8. Rates Exp: 200x SP: 200x Adena: 200x Party Exp: 1.2x Party SP: 1.2x Spoil: 1x Drop: 2x Quest: 2x Enchant Safe Enchant: +3(4 for full armor) Max Enchant: +16 Max for Armor/Jewels: +12 Enchant Rate: 75% Blessed Rate: 85% Crystal Rate: 100% General Buff time: 2 hours Buff slots: 32+4 Skills: Auto Learn Offline Trade/Craft System (players get disconnected after finishing) No subclass quest Killing barakiel grants you Noblesse Status Weekly Olympiad Olympiad Max Enchant: +6 Commands .menu .online .deposit .withdraw .votehop .votetop .votenet .repair .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtstatus Personal Menu Pops off when you type .menu command Vote/Event Rewards When you vote or win any event, you will be rewarded with vote coins/event passes. Vote Coin and Event Pass can be exchanged in custom shop for blessed scrolls,lifestones,etc About customs/farming etc There are dynasty weapons/armors with retail stats, just to keep the server balanced. Most of the stuff can be bought with adenas(or gold bars) and vote/event coins Although mobs in monastery of silence have a small chance of dropping blessed scrolls alongside their retail drops. Plus, mobs in primeval isle have a small chance of dropping life stones alongside their retail drops. Tyrranosaurus has 30% chance of dropping a top grade life stone and 30% chance of dropping blessed scroll. His respawn time is 5 min Grand Boss Respawn Timers Queen Ant: 16-18 Hours Antharas: 26-28 hours Baium: 20-22 hours Core: 10-12 hours Frintezza: 24-26 hours Orfen: 14-16 hours Valakas: 34-36 hours Zaken: 22-24 hours Balance We have done a lot of implementations to improve the gameplay and the pvp experience aswell. Our first goal was to make our custom gear slightly better than the s grade. Since we put Dynasty stuff in our server, we've come up to some decisions to make things smoother. Such decisions are: Removed Dynasty Staff(It was way more powerful than Arcana Mace and Imperial Staff) and kept Dynasty Mace and Dynasty Phantom instead. Made the armor/jewels max enchant 12, while weapons' cap is 16. As a matter of fact, we've decided to remove Dynasty Jewels too. We consider that epic jewels should be the top ones. Initial Help Players spawn with 500k adena and top no grade gear There is an NPC Buffer in every starting zone aswell Completing 1st class rewards you 5kk adena Completing 2nd class rewards you 10kk adena Completing 3rd class rewards you 50kk adena and a Book of Giants NPCs Gatekeeper NPC Buffer Weapon Store Armor Store Jewel Store Mineral Store Augmenter
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