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  1. Already available for downloading shared by me for all people: Skill Zariche Prison, Skill Bone Prison with sounds, unique NPCs with Effects and Server Logo for many Chronicles ( C4, IL, GF, H5 ), unique Guard NPCs with Effects and model Logo for many chronicles!


  2. Hello, if actual maybe later I will make this skill for people. :)
  3. This can be done. I write to you.
  4. Subscribe to my profile to be notified when I post new material. It will be more convenient so that you do not miss the update.
  5. When I have some free time, I will most likely do it.
  6. Is possible to make agathions for Interlude too. With edited *.dll possible to make full-working agathions.
  7. This must be done additionally. If you really need this boss with all the sounds and attacks and if there are people who need it, then I can make it with all the sounds and attacks for everyone for free. Also I can do any another Bosses too.
  8. Unique update, gift for people Skill Bone Prison Lineage 2 Death Knight for Interlude!
  9. Unique Share Skill Bone Prison Lineage Death Knight for Interlude! With sounds. Available for downloading!


  10. Skill Bone Prison for Lineage 2 Chronicles: Interlude Already with sounds Another chronicles: Additional ( write me in discord, skype or PM ). For questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Download: click
  11. I think the accessory can be fixed. When I have some free time, I will look at the files.
  12. Free Zariche Skill already available for downloading! 

  13. Yes, thanks, it works. But for some reason when I did it it didn't work. It's strange. Checked, download lamecrypt and transfer files from systextures to it, except Vorpal_Shield_ByWilliamFS.utx From animations too transfer to lamecrypt except WilliamFS_Vorpal_Shield_m00.ukx Because now files are crypted. Despite the fact that you have downloaded the Entry.dll library, you have it with an error. Try to remove the crypt as I wrote.
  14. I'll let you in on a secret, people call it a portfolio to showcase skills and work. Everything is legal. Don't worry, if you want, you can download my free work for everyone and use it, or do the same, we will do nice things together. 🙂
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