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  1. You need decompiler + compiler + knowledge to work with it. It is not so easy. At the very least, you need to understand what goals you are pursuing.
  2. I think your files was encrypted with LameCrypt and you don't have *.dll in your system. Try to paste lamecrypt's dll to ./system folder and run game. Without entry.dll client can't read files. Download link: https://dropmefiles.com/wAtKT
  3. Which file do you need to open? You need a decompiler. It depends on what type of file.
  4. Hello. Attach files here, because there may be different paths to models and effects for different weapons.
  5. Example of my addons Akamanaf Weapons Pack


  6. Hello! :) I would like to dedicate this topic to client modifications. I would like to post here examples of my adaptations and my works for Lineage, as well as free developments. The theme is created exclusively in the informational style and is a demonstration of various interesting modifications! Who needs any help - you can write to me and I will try to help you. My last works: animations from new chronicles to old ( Interlude / Gracia / H5 ) Zariche Weapons for All Chronicles Akamanaf Weapons for All Chronicles
  7. New animations from new client for Interlude Gracia FInal High Five


  8. This is my idea ( NevesOma ) for this NPC and I did it for free for everyone.
  9. Unique NPC Beautiful Dwarf with Effects, unique style and logo. Chronicles: for C4, Interlude, Gracia Final, High Five chronicles. if you have any questions or ideas or need any from modifications write me. Link for downloading: DOWNLOAD
  10. Yes, this is a small change, but it could not be done for more than 10 years. Everything is right with you ( as in the video ), the skill can be divided into 2 parts ( cast and attack ). A cast is a circle of water around a character, and an attack is a splash of water on a target. It should be so.
  11. I was literally begged to do this for interlude. Many players really want a hydro blast from Chronicles C1 to Interlude Chronicles, but no one has done this all the time. I decided to help, maybe it will help not only them, but also the rest of the people. Later I will upload a hurricane too ( already done ). Here is the original hydro blast as on the chronicles c1 and also with original sounds too. Don't need to replace any default files, all maked in my custom pack. Download link: DOWNLOAD I can also do any other skill or any another mods. If you have questions and suggestions write to me at the contacts.
  12. Hello! : ) I want to share some NPCs, I have prepared skills and bosses, but now I have little time to process this, so everything will be gradual. :) Two interesting NPC managers with effect for your project ( sure no copyrights ), suitable ( *dats included ) for interlude, H5, Gracia Final and of course C4 ( for c4 we generally have few additions in this style ). All for free, download link below. Download link: DOWNLOAD
  13. I am not a professional in the field of video editing, but I decided to please you with a free intro ( small presentation ) template. The choice fell between Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premieres. I decided to make intro in Sony Vegas 15 so that it would be most convenient for you to edit the project. You can delete the dragon. In the archive you will find the sources that can be easily replaced. You can also replace your logo, music, anything. It's free, use it. Copyrights: NevesOma Maked in: Sony Vegas 15 Sources: + Size in archieve: 11.6 Mb Download link: Download
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