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    Pré-Configurado Version 6 *Custom Edition* Pré-Configurado Version 6*No Custom Edition* Revisão: 1004 Peço para que o conteúdo desse pré-configurado não seja postado a não ser que seja por mim. Rates recomendados 100 XP, SP, Adena Java Mod's e Edições Configurações NPC's Customs: Aio System Screenshot's Server | Client Download Download Tamanho: 13 MB | Tamanho: 99 MB Server inclui: Servidor + Backup Client Inclui: System + Systextures + Animations Senha: MadebySmallz2013 - L2JFrozen 1004 by Smallz | Java Difference (Source) (Versão limpa + Backup + Hexid) | (Modificações no Eclipse bySmallz) Download Download Tamanho: 14 MB | Tamanho: 18 KB Senha: MadebySmallz2013 Download de items utilizados no pré-configurado. NPC's Utilizados Acessórios Utilizados Download: Armaduras Utilizadas Download: Shield's Utilizados Download: Moedas Utilizadas (Opcional) Geodata | Pathnode Download Download Tamanho: 139 MB | Tamanho: 11 MB - Lista de ID's Conta Adiministradora: Conta: Admin Senha: Admin Versões anteriores de Pré-Configurados: L2JFrozen New Era L2JFrozen V. 4 L2JFrozen V. 5 Créditos: Smallz' :pirate: Gostou do conteúdo? Não esqueça de curtir o tópico. Obrigado. :bom:
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    Ola galera, vim aqui posta um Tutorial como mudar efeito skills, vi que algums servidores galera estao usando entao resolvi posta como fazer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHLOsS7H23Y&feature=youtu.be Creditos: Boystele
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    this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude - static meshes will only work if they are saved using postal editor - save static meshes (.usx) in static mesh, not animation. i only do that because my l2 loads it from my folder which is in animations - EditPackages is the list of 'packages' that ucc will read/save - you need to use this unreal (not postal, second link) i posted to compile nSkillProjectile - name of your new effect file should be the same amount of characters as the original (L I N E A G E E F F E C T), which is 13 - attaching to bone is not necessary, unless it's a small effect and you want it on a specific part like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw00-oYvH-k RESOURCES - Unreal (Postal version) - REQUIRED TO WORK WITH STATIC MESH Unreal (UCC) - REQUIRED TO COMPILE PROPERLY Normal Unreal (for sounds textures etc) Hex Workshop l2 encdec l2decrypt UTPT UMODEL ActorX Unpacked Effect Scripts (skill usk and helios effect) L2PE ASE Export Properties UCC Compile Script @echo ucc.exe make pause L2EncDec script l2encdec -e 121 testsound.uax Sample Files if you get this problem try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEzeZo9BNDk&index=12&list=PLUuEY577pd_I2S6pBJh8osq8QXdN1bjnC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia5i2xIckOk&list=PLUuEY577pd_I2S6pBJh8osq8QXdN1bjnC&index=11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Rt2h_wz78&index=14&list=PLUuEY577pd_I2S6pBJh8osq8QXdN1bjnC
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    examples: https://pastebin.com/W7XyNpQY - weapongrp _001t - fist _002t - dagger or pole _004t - sword _005t - staff / blunt two hand _006t - two sword _007t - sword mace mystic _008t - bow _010t - rapier EnchantGlow.enchant10_001t EnchantGlow.enchant10_002t EnchantGlow.enchant10_004t EnchantGlow.enchant10_005t EnchantGlow.enchant10_006t EnchantGlow.enchant10_007t EnchantGlow.enchant10_008t EnchantGlow.enchant10_010t EnchantGlow.enchant12_001t EnchantGlow.enchant12_002t EnchantGlow.enchant12_004t EnchantGlow.enchant12_005t EnchantGlow.enchant12_006t EnchantGlow.enchant12_007t EnchantGlow.enchant12_008t EnchantGlow.enchant12_010t EnchantGlow.enchant14_001t EnchantGlow.enchant14_002t EnchantGlow.enchant14_004t EnchantGlow.enchant14_005t EnchantGlow.enchant14_006t EnchantGlow.enchant14_007t EnchantGlow.enchant14_008t EnchantGlow.enchant14_010t EnchantGlow.enchant15_001t EnchantGlow.enchant15_002t EnchantGlow.enchant15_004t EnchantGlow.enchant15_005t EnchantGlow.enchant15_006t EnchantGlow.enchant15_007t EnchantGlow.enchant15_008t EnchantGlow.enchant15_010t EnchantGlow.enchant17_001t EnchantGlow.enchant17_002t EnchantGlow.enchant17_004t EnchantGlow.enchant17_005t EnchantGlow.enchant17_006t EnchantGlow.enchant17_007t EnchantGlow.enchant17_008t EnchantGlow.enchant17_010t EnchantGlow.enchant4_001t EnchantGlow.enchant4_002t EnchantGlow.enchant4_004t EnchantGlow.enchant4_005t EnchantGlow.enchant4_006t EnchantGlow.enchant4_007t EnchantGlow.enchant4_008t EnchantGlow.enchant4_010t EnchantGlow.enchant7_001t EnchantGlow.enchant7_002t EnchantGlow.enchant7_004t EnchantGlow.enchant7_005t EnchantGlow.enchant7_006t EnchantGlow.enchant7_007t EnchantGlow.enchant7_008t EnchantGlow.enchant7_010t EnchantGlow.enchant4 EnchantGlow.enchant7 EnchantGlow.enchant10 EnchantGlow.enchant12 EnchantGlow.enchant14 EnchantGlow.enchant15 EnchantGlow.enchant17 Show in the video at the top http://www.mediafire.com/file/ak7iv30o48osa81/EnchantGlow.rar
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    Ru: Представляю мою первою сборку лост-ворд тут много было делано Если буду вопрос пишите отвечю всем Eng: I present my first lost-ward assembly here a lot has been done If I have a question, write, I will answer all https://cloud.mail.ru/public/52Zi/38qGBGWzz

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